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Ribollita the typical soup

Ribollita is a dish that comes from the typical soup of stale bread and vegetables of Tuscany, in particular the area of Florence and Arezzo. It is a typical "poor" dish of peasant origin, whose name derives from the fact that once the peasant cooked it a lot (especially on Friday, being thin plate) and then was "stewed" in the pan in the following days.

Like all other vegetable soups also ribollita becomes tastier whenever "ribollita" (boiled again) on fire.

The basic ingredients are cabbage and beans (beans, or "cannellini toscani"). Ribollita is a winter dish of semi-solid appearance. To make better soup is necessary that the cabbage has "taken the ice" that has passed that one or more winter frosts that soften the leaves.

The best thing is to "boil" soup in a wood oven still in a pan with a good thick bottom to prevent sticking and burning at the bottom.

It is used to add ribollita a thread of olive oil and slice a fresh onion.

In the kitchen there was also a Tuscan bread soup summer, now almost impossible. The cabbage was replaced by potatoes and the final appearance, much more liquid, made it more like a "soup".


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Ribollita the typical soup  
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