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Modena Balsamic vinegar Tour and Parmesan cheese

A passion with roots in the distant past.....

This tour takes you through the Tuscan -Emilian Apennines to Modena, the birthplace of the famous traditional balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese.
Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena has ancient origin.
Mentions of vinegar are to be found even in the Bible.
Even the Romans had a predilection for mixing sharp and sweet flavours.

To discover this ancient and tasty flavor, the vinegar factory tour will take you in the ancient acetaia "Land of Thunder". Here you'll see its old wine barrels, and ater that we'll explain the various stages of production of vinegar, from the cooking of the grape juice to the aging of the product. The acetaia staff will offer you a tasting of traditional balsamic vinegar from youngest to oldest, accompanied by local food and wine.
After lunch, which will take place either inside the acetaia or in a typical trattoria in the area, you can sample the local produces (such as Tortellini / Ravioli / homemade pasta); the tour will move on to a dairy where the famous Parmesan cheese is produced. The visit will start in the barns and will cover all the steps of processing the forms of Parmesan. It will end with a tasting of different aged parmesans.

Departure h. 08.00
h10.30 arrival in Corticella
h11.00 visit "acetaia terra del tuono" (vinegar factory)
h13.00 lunch in typical restaurant with local products such us " tortellini ,ravioli" or lunch in the vinegar factory
h15.00 moving from Restaurand to "podere Roli" (parmigiano reggiano factory)
h15.30 visit of the stables and factory (with cheese tastings)
h17.00 end of tour and return


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